What is SafetyNow All About?



How we got started

SafetyNow was created and is overseen by industry vetted safety experts.

Our history as safety training and compliance experts goes back nearly 100 years, but back then we were a small print publication out of Wheaton, Illinois called The Safe Foreman. Each issue contained expert guidance and safety training, as well as 4 safety posters.

We evolved with time, moving to more targeted print publications for for select industries and geographies, and then focusing on delivering compliant safety guidance and training.

At the turn of the century, we transitioned from a “print-first” model to an online publisher, then to an online solution provider. Such that we now pride ourselves on delivering leading compliant safety solutions to public and private organizations throughout North America.

In the past few years we have evolved again to move towards delivering more engaging safety solutions – training that includes games, is quick and easy to digest, works on any device from anywhere in the world. We know that our clients work in diverse environments with a workforce comprised of multiple age groups and learning behaviors. Delivering the same old safety training and safety solutions isn’t going to get better results – it’s just going to get you less of what you already got. SafetyNow isn’t your grandpa’s safety solutions, we’re built on almost a hundred year old foundation, but we recognize the need for innovation and effective safety software that engages employees, improves visibility, and is a real resource in building better safety intelligence.

Our mission is to make people safer, healthier and more productive at work.


We empower over 10,000 North American organizations with compliant, engaging, and highly-effective safety solutions that are proven and reliable, day after day.

Our Core Beliefs

SafetyNow is built on three core beliefs, and it pervades every strategic decision and daily objective:

Respect for the Individual

Whether you are a client, a prospective client, a colleague, vendor, or something all together different, respect is something we give and earn by being direct, straight, and never giving you any reason to question our integrity.

Pursue all Tasks With Excellence

Good enough isn’t in our vocabulary. When we say we are going to do something, we do it, we do it right, we do it when we said we would do it by, and if there are any mistakes or issues, we fix every one of them.

Provide the Best Products & Service in the World

We look at every client as a partner. We offer concierge-level onboarding and support throughout our relationship, guaranteeing hassle-free deployment. We are completely transparent and not only welcome feedback, we act on it, and we act on it quickly.


The proof is in the award

In 2016, SafetyNow won the SIIA CodiE award for Best Risk Management & Compliance Solution.

Judges for the CODiEs consist of industry peers such as IT Directors, CIOs, CMOs, CLOs, trade journalists, educators, and consultants, ensuring the CODiE Awards remain one of the most respected awards in the industry.

This was SafetyNow’s first CODiE win and the first time we had participated in any competition. Click here to read the official press release.