Compliant Safety Meetings

SafetyNow has a catalog of over 1500 compliant safety meetings. Trainers can quickly download a meeting kit on either an assigned topic or in response to a near miss. Not only will they download a safety talk, but they will also get a leader sheet to instruct them how to deliver an engaging meeting. they will also get a handout and quiz to test employee retention of your safety message. Finally, they will be able to assign attendance records via the SafetyNow LMS so that your organization has a complete audit of employee safety training if there was ever a random inspection. What’s more, your records are in the cloud and not susceptible to poor filing behaviors or lost records.

SafetyNow also includes some excellent guidance and video training for your instructors that teaches them how to be better speakers, how to engage and audience, and how to make safety training more engaging.

There is no resource in North America that has a larger compliant library of instructor-led safety materials. You do not need t worry or wonder if any regulatory changes have rendered your safety messaging obsolete. If it’s on SafetyNow, it’s compliant.

compliant safety talks

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