Employee Alerts

Regular communication from management on key safety issues is a core component of any safety program. With SafetyNow, management can effectively communicate progress, near misses, and other safety messaging via alerts and bulletins. Additionally, management can track when the alert is received and read.

Some successful clients use this function to maintain a record of their post-incident compliance.

Some successful clients use this feature to communicate lessons learned from near misses or augment their planned safety training to be more responsive to their work environments. After all, why give a lesson on ladder safety because it was scheduled if what you really need is some more training on slips, trips and falls because there have been a few near misses lately.

SafetyNow is about giving you the tools and solutions you need to build a better safety program and not just deliver the same old safety training.

What’s more, regular safety communication from management is a core component of any audit standard, SafetyNow’s alerts and bulletins allow you to solicit feedback from employees and build value into your safety program.


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