Incident Tracking

Use SafetyNow to log incidents and near misses by filling out fields in our native icident reports. Workers and equipment can be linked to incidents to report on injuries and costs; what’s more, all your documentation is stored in one place and protected within the cloud.

How Does it Work?

Incident tracking is simple and intuitive:

  1. Create the incident or near miss
  2. Link employees or equipment to the incident
  3. Attach action items such as follow-ups or improvements to avoid future incidents
  4. Link workers to these action items
  5. Attach any audit or incident forms so that all your data is centralized
  6. Run reporting to identify gaps in your safety programs or areas for improvement
  7. Assign specific training to employees to avoid future incidents

SafetyNow helps you to transform from a reactive organization to a proactive organization – improving your safety culture.

incident tracking

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