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Instructor led safety training is highly valuable and can be even more effective when your trainer is engaging, the instruction is compliant, and the training is reinforced with strategically placed visuals like safety posters and table tents. But instructor-led safety training is less effective when you have a remote workforce or employees that work in a field or on irregular shifts.


SafetyNow has a library of over 300 safety videos and 350 online courses that allow you to deliver consistent, engaging, and effective safety training through the cloud. No matter where your employees are, or what device they are using, your safety training is consistent and effective. What’s more, SafetyNow’s LMS allows you to assign courses as needed, track progress and completion dates, and receive notifications when competencies are met or up for renewal.

The best part is that SafetyNow online courses include games and quizzes that not only engage learners, but improve retention rates, minimize onboarding times, and improve pass rates. Our courses work and your safety team and employees will instantly notice the difference between your traditional safety training and SafetyNow’s highly engaging online courses.

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