Safety Policies

With SafetyNow you have access to hundreds of model safety policies that were designed to be compliant to regulations and case law precedents. All of these policies can be downloaded, edited and implemented in minutes.

Use these policies to audit your current programs and policies, then upload your final safety policies into the SafetyNow solution, organized as they would appear in your employee manual.

Safety policies

Successful clients use this feature to assign individual policies to employees to read and sign-off on instead of assigning an employee manual to be scanned and signed without ever really reading thoroughly.

Additionally, SafetyNow allows you to:

  • Get employee feedback on policies so your safety team can make incremental improvements;
  • Track acknowledgement and submit reports to management
  • Link forms and procedures to policies instead of treating them as often overlooked appendices; such as inspection forms, or near miss procedures
  • Maintain version control so that every policy and procedure listed is the most current – it isn’t safe when somebody is complying with a dated procedure

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