Emergency Preparedness

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Emergency preparedness is a big topic, but every emergency has some similar steps that need to be taken.

For one, workers need to be able to recognize that an emergency is happening. They need to be trained on the different types of emergencies that could occur at their workplace, whether they be the result of human error, or natural disasters.

Next, workers need to know how to respond when an emergency is happening. Who do they call? Where do they go? Who do they report to?

Last, workers need to know what to do following a workplace emergency. Are they expected to keep working? Do they go home?

All of these steps will have different answers based on the needs of the unique workplace.

Learning emergency preparedness tactics for the issues your workplace could possibly encounter is a good way to keep workers feeling safe and secure both on and off the job.

Make sure to reinforce the benefits of staying calm during emergencies, and keep emergency information and checklists available for workers to view so that if something occurs, they know exactly what to do even if they’re panicked.

Meeting Kits

Can You Do the Chemical Splash Dash?

If a chemical splashed onto your skin or into your eye, could you get to a safety shower or eyewash station quickly?

The time to consider that question is now, not when you are faced with an emergency. You need to know where this equipment is located, the shortest route to reach it and how to use it effectively.

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Make the Call for Help Perfectly Clear

What would you do if you encountered an  emergency, either in the workplace or outside?

Would you call for help? Would you know who to call and what to tell them?

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Know How to Find Emergency Exits

Felicia never took an interest in the location of exit doors until a sequence of events hit the large building where she works.

An explosion started a fire and structurally damaged one part of the building. The fire also caused a loss of electrical power, plunging her work area into darkness. After her supervisor led the crew outside, exits seemed a lot more important.

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Preparing for Emergencies in the Workplace

Unexpected emergencies occur in workplaces every day in factories, plants, offices and warehouses, as well as construction sites and on the road. It could be a fire, fatal injury, flood, earthquake, shooting, tornado, chemical spill or another kind of crisis. So it’s important that companies have an emergency response plan to cover all expected and unexpected disasters. For this plan to be effective, all employees must be trained in the roles they will play in an emergency.

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Keep Emergency Exits Clear

Your life could depend on knowing where the emergency exits are located – and making sure they are never blocked.

Many workers in a food processing plant lost their lives because exits were not only blocked but locked. Many of the workers died trying to beat down the very doors which should have taken them to safety.

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Safety Videos

Emergency Preparedness at Work Safety Video

This program explains how to prepare for earth quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other emergencies at work. Designed to property damage and prevent injuries during emergencies.

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Fire Prevention Safety Video

Few things can be more terrifying and catastrophic than a fire. That is why training and education is so important. This video looks at ways fires can be prevented and covers the basics of fire prevention, conditions that contribute to fires and steps employees can take to minimize the risk of a potential fire in a unit.

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Security Awareness - Management Training Safety Video

Different properties face varying degrees and different types of threats. In today’s environment, we need to understand that we all need to be ready…all of the time. Regardless of the threat, you need to respond effectively and appropriately with as little disruption to guests as possible. It’s not always easy but it’s a job that must be done and it must be done right. This video is a great way to train management on what threat levels are and what action must be taken to minimize risk regardless of the threat level.

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Online Courses

Emergency Action Plans

Emergency events can happen any place, any time. Many facilities are required to have a written emergency action plan, and must train employees over that plan. These plans, however, can often be long and detailed, covering many different types of emergencies, which can make it difficult for employees to understand the context of various policies and procedures, and how their individual role fits into the larger plan. This awareness-level course will provide a general overview of emergency action plans and standard actions for employees to take during different types of emergencies. The course includes information about different types of alarm signals, common features of an emergency evacuation, and the proper circumstances and methods for using a portable fire extinguisher. This course is designed for all office workers. While this course addressed OSHA training requirements, there may be a site-specific training component required that must be fulfilled by an employer. This course is presented in English and Spanish.

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Emergency Response

Unexpected emergencies can happen anytime, anyplace. While we can’t control when and where life-threatening emergencies happen, being prepared can minimize property damage and will greatly reduce the chances of serious injuries or death. This course will teach the average employee the basics of what they should do in case of an emergency in the workplace. Employees will learn how to identify the importance of a well-defined emergency response plan and reporting emergencies, the components of an evacuation, and identify emergency response actions. This course is intended for all general industry and office employees, and assists employers in complying with OSHA’s requirements for emergency action plans.

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Severe Weather and Outdoor Work

Many jobs require outdoor work on a regular basis, and working outdoors can be fun at times, but working out in the elements can range from pleasant to uncomfortable, to even dangerous during severe weather. Workers who successfully complete this course will demonstrate knowledge of severe weather hazards and how to react when severe weather strikes during work processes. Employees will learn to identify hazards associated with severe weather and standard protocols to follow during severe weather events. This course is designed for employees who, during their regular work duties, may be exposed to severe weather events. This course is intended to assist the employer in meeting OSHA’s General Duty Clause.

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