Environmental Safety

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Environmental safety takes two forms. One is learning how to protect yourself from environmental hazards, and avoiding any accidents of incidents that could be caused by these. The second is learning how to protect the environment from yourself. That means learning the proper EHS precautions to take with each job.

Environmental hazards can be anything a workers comes into contact with as a result of the location of their job. This could be natural hazards, or those created by the job environment itself. For example, a construction site is an environment with thousands of human-made hazards.

Protecting the environment is also an important topic to discuss with workers when they are working in environmentally sensitive locations. Or, even in office oriented jobs where excess waste is easily produced.

Consider the different types of environmental hazards workers at your organization face, and use the resources here to educate them. Keep in mind that workers who visit multiple job sites can be at a higher risk for encountering various environmental hazards, so pay extra attention to the education those workers receive.

Meeting Kits

The Environmental Safety Connection

Every day we hear about environmental concerns. The diminishing ozone layer, overflowing landfills, pollution … the list is endless. The problems seem so immense that we ask ourselves what one person can do.


There is a link between protecting the environment and protecting your own well-being and safety.

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The Buzz on Zika - Protecting Workers Against the Zika Virus

The Zika virus has recently emerged as a disease of significant public health concern. Currently, a large outbreak is occurring in South America and moving up into North America. The virus has the potential to spread anywhere that mosquitoes capable of spreading the virus are found.

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The Environment and Your Health and Safety

Every day we hear about environmental concerns including the diminishing ozone layer, overflowing landfills, pollution … the list is endless. The problems seem so immense, yet what can one person do? The short answer is, plenty!

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A Custodian of the Environment

When you’re taking good care of the building, take good care of the environment too.

As a custodian you have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the health and safety of the environment surrounding your workplace. You are in charge of disposing of rubbish and recyclables. You also handle and possibly dispose of cleaning products, paints and other chemical products. You may even be in a position to offer advice about energy efficiency for your facility.

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Safety Videos

Toxic Mold: The Facts Safety Video

Toxic mold is a problem making headlines everywhere. It can cause allergic reactions or even serious illnesses if not properly handled. This video takes the mystery out of this sensitive subject and informs viewers of exactly what toxic mold is, the hazards involved, and some possible solutions.

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Online Courses

Environmental Awareness

This course gives learners some of the skills necessary to anticipate sources of pollution in daily operations and control them to prevent pollution. After completing this course, learners will know how to identify the consequences of water, air and land pollution, and common pollution prevention methods. This course is intended for general industry employees who, during their regular work duties, may cause water, air or land pollution. The employer may also be interested in the Hazardous Waste Awareness, Universal Waste Management, Used Oil Management, and Storm Water Pollution Prevention for Industrial Operations courses.

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Hazardous Waste Awareness

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have very stringent requirements for hazardous waste storage, handling and transportation. Not disposing of waste properly could result in a hefty fine, in addition to potential environmental damage. This course is designed to teach employees about the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and their responsibilities when dealing with hazardous waste at work. Employees will learn how to identify and describe the basics of federal hazardous waste regulation, define hazardous waste, and the different generator status categories. This course is intended for employees who, during their regular work duties, are required to work with or around hazardous waste. This course can assist employers in meeting OSHA and EPA requirements on hazardous waste.

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