Fire Safety

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Fires are one safety hazard that can threaten worker safety at any job, in any industry. A fire could break out at any establishment, putting workers and civilians at risk.

Knowing the proper protocol to take when a fire breaks out can limit not only injuries, but the size of the fire and amount of damage caused.

Make sure workers are aware of the different types of fire extinguishers available, and which types of fires they combat. Explain the types of fire that could occur at your workplace. For example, are there chemicals on hand? Flammable liquids? Metals?

Use these resources to educate workers on the types of fires that can occur, the variety of extinguisher they have available to them, and your organization’s fire evacuation plan. Learn how other companies have been affected by fires, and the devastating consequences uncontrolled fires can have.

Meeting Kits

Know Flammable, Flashpoint and Other Terms

Improper handling, storage and use of flammable or combustible materials can result in a fire or explosion. Everyone who works with flammable liquids must understand the different terms and definitions to work safely with them.

Flammable and combustible liquids are those that can burn. Flammable and combustible liquids themselves don’t burn, but their vapors, combined with the surrounding air, can ignite.

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Fire Extinguishers: Remember The PASS-word

A fire is a frightening experience, but if you know how to operate a portable fire extinguisher and remember the PASS-word, you can fight back with confidence. You should always activate the building fire alarm to alert co-workers and customers first. Next, call the fire department or other emergency numbers. Only then fight the fire, and only if it is about the size of a wastepaper basket or smaller.

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Be Wise - Fires Take Lives!

Have you ever considered what you would do if you suddenly saw or smelled a fire in your office? Many workers seem to have an “it will never happen here” attitude about fires. But fire is not very selective about where it starts or what it burns.

Tragic fires can happen in large office towers as well as small businesses. By being aware of fire safety you can help prevent fires. Know the company’s safety guidelines and then review the following suggestions to help protect yourself and your co-workers.

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Find the Fire Hazards

Workplace fires account for many injuries and deaths, with approximately three percent of workplace fatalities being related to fire and explosions. Not only do workplace fires cause injuries and deaths, they also cause millions of dollars worth of property damage every year, leading to job losses. In fact, a great many of the workplaces destroyed by fire are never rebuilt.

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Dealing With A Fire

As a custodian you might be working in one place permanently, or you might be assigned to various locations.

For any place you work you need to find out the following:

  • Where the fire alarm boxes are and how to use them.
  • Evacuation procedures including the escape routes and where to assemble after evacuation from a building.
  • Location and use of fire extinguishers if you are authorized to use them.

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Safety Videos

Flammable Liquids Safety Video

Instruction for employees working with flammable liquids. Defines LEL, UEL, flash points, and other related information. Provides the basics of bonding and grounding.

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Gory Story: Fire Prevention Safety Video

This video is the most motivating high impact video on the market. Fires are an everyday occurrence, but little attention is paid to fire prevention. This video will have a long term effect on employees related to causes, prevention and emergency action.  Extremely graphic scenes of burns and fire injuries.

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Fire Extinguisher Safety Video

Everyone in your facility should be trained in the proper use of fire extinguishers. Explains the different classes of fires, types of fire extinguishers, the key word PASS, life safety, and other tips.

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Online Courses

Flammable and Combustible Liquids

When dealing with flammable and combustible liquids, proper handling, storage and fire control requirements must be followed. This course will teach employees about the hazards of different flammable and combustible liquids and how to minimize or eliminate those hazards. Employees will learn how to identify flammable and combustible liquid hazards with Safety Data Sheets and labeling, and how to select hazard prevention measures. This course is intended for employees who, during the course of their regular job duties, may use or come in contact with flammable and combustible liquids. This course will assist employers with meeting OSHA regulations on flammable liquids.

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Fire Safety

Fire emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, in any industry. Fires are one of the most common emergencies to contend with in workplaces, and can be one of the most harmful if not dealt with properly. This course will give employees the knowledge to safely react and respond to a fire emergency in their workplace. Employees will learn their responsibilities in a fire emergency, how to identify different alarm signals, evacuation routes and procedures, and fire extinguisher use. This course is intended for general industry employees who are required to understand their responsibilities in a fire emergency. This course is presented in English and Spanish.

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Portable Fire Extinguishers

Fires can inspire panic, and reviewing how to use a fire extinguisher beforehand can save precious seconds that could make all the difference in an emergency. Employees who successfully complete this course will demonstrate knowledge of how and when to use different types of portable fire extinguishers. Employees will learn to recognize when to use a portable fire extinguisher, the three types of fire extinguishers, and the steps of the PASS technique. This course is designed for employees in any industry who may use a fire extinguisher, and should assist the employer in meeting OSHA’s standard on portable fire extinguishers.

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