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Any person who has ever ended up on crutches or in a wheelchair knows, the world is a lot easier to navigate when you have the function of your feet. In the work environment, many jobs require that workers are able to walk and move quickly, making foot safety particularly important.

Keeping workers’ feet safe is a high priority in many industries. That’s why there are so many styles and types of protective foot wear available.

Protective footwear can protect workers from a variety of workplace hazards, like crushing hazards, electrical or chemical hazards and fungal infections.

Despite this, many workers go without proper foot protection and suffer the consequences. Studies show that two out of every three workers suffers from some form of foot problem at any given time.

Reinforce the importance of taking care of your feet. Cover the types of footwear workers should be using, the best ways to avoid slips, trips and falls, and common injuries workers suffer from by not being cautious with their feet.

Meeting Kits

When PPE Doesn't Fit, Safety Wears Thin

Ill-fitting protective clothing and equipment is universally problematic in workplace safety. It deters workers from performing job-related tasks efficiently and safely. For women, the lack of adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) can be a barrier to equality of employment opportunity. Furthermore, the limited availability of PPE designed specifically for the shape of a woman’s body is a critical workplace health and safety issue.

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Stamp Out On-The-Job Foot Injuries

As reliable as our feet are for us in the workplace, we should never take them for granted. They’re liable to get crushed or broken by heavy or falling objects. They can be punctured when you step on something sharp. Even long hours of standing can contribute to foot injury. A recent study reports about one out of every six disabling industrial accidents involve feet and toes.

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Put Your Foot Down About Safety Shoes

A warehouse worker stepped on a strip of steel strapping which had been discarded on the floor. His foot was severely cut when the sharp metal sliced through his streetwear shoes.

Another worker received chemical burns when a corrosive substance seeped through a defective boot.

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If the Safety Shoe Fits the Hazard, Wear It

When you think of safety footwear, an image of steel-toed work boots likely comes to mind. These protect your feet against toe-crushing hazards. But is that the kind of protection your feet need? Choose carefully, because in certain instances, the right protective footwear can save your life.

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Foot Injuries Are No Fun

What can be the harm of wearing running shoes or sandals at work? After all, your job as a custodian is not particularly dangerous, is it?

Actually, your work has many risks of foot injury. Dropping even a small item such as a tool or a bucket on your foot can do a surprising amount of damage. Stepping on a sharp object such as broken glass is another possible source of injury.

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Safety Videos

Safely On Your Feet Safety Video

Many of us tend to think more about shoes in terms of styles, but safety shoes are more than a different style. They are protect your feet from hazards that you encounter in your workplace. This program stresses to viewers the importance of selecting and wearing proper footwear to prevent painful foot and toe injuries. Topics include Slip-Resistant Shoes, Puncture-Resistant Soles, Metatarsal Guards and Selecting The Proper Footwear.

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