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If there are any activities done during the day that don’t require the use of your hands, there aren’t many. Hands are your most powerful tool, making their protection crucial.

Every industry had the potential to present hand safety hazards. Whether it be crushing and cutting hazards or ergonomics related concerns. As an example, Carpal Tunnel, a condition frequently caused by ergonomics issues, affects over 8-million Americans. The condition significantly lowers the workers use of their hands.

Several areas of safety training relate to hand protection, including: PPE use, slips, trips and falls, ergonomics, chemical safety, and machine use safety.

SafetyNow can help you to educate workers at your organization on the ways they can protect their hands. Provide them with the materials needed to keep their hands in good condition, and know that workers may need adjustments to their workstations and PPE over time to maintain comfort in their hands, particularly those performing repetitive tasks.

Meeting Kits

Picking Up Bad Vibrations

The Beach Boys may have picked up good vibrations with their hit song in 1966, but occupational vibration exposure is no day at the beach. Symptoms of occupational vibration exposure may appear subtle at first, but can escalate into serious health complications over time. As a result of over-exposure to occupational vibrations, some workers develop lasting pain in their hands which prevents them from performing their jobs.

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Hand Protection - It's in Your Hands

If you aren’t wearing the right protection your hands could be burned, frozen, cut, scraped or burned by chemicals. You could lose fingers, a thumb, or even your life. That’s why you wear gloves.

To protect your hands your gloves need to fit properly: Too tight, and you’ll fight to get your fingers to work. Too loose, you won’t be able to grip and you’ll risk getting trapped in a pinch point.

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Hand Protection Has You Covered

It is imperative to wear the appropriate hand protection depending on the hazard; that is, cuts, burns, electric shock, chemicals and others. There are different kinds of gloves designed for specific hazards, and your safety supervisor can advise you on which gloves to wear for your particular circumstance.

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Get the Upper Hand on Cuts

Your hands and fingers help you complete almost every task you do throughout your day. Starting with hitting the snooze button in the morning all the way through to setting your alarm at night, you rely on your hands and fingers more than you probably realize. Hand and finger injuries can range from a minor inconvenience to a life-altering event.

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Your Future Is In Your Hands

What exactly is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)? It is the compression of the major nerve which controls the muscle movement of your thumb, index and middle fingers and part of your ring finger. It is caused by repeated small, quick motions of your hand and fingers.

Here’s how it happens: Tendons are the fibrous cords which connect your muscles to your bones. There is a tough fibrous band of tissue, or ligament, which holds the tendons snugly together. Another way to visualize it is to think of a tight metal band around several stems of broccoli at the grocery store. This band of tissue plus three bones and nine tendons make up the Carpal Tunnel. When you use your hands for repetitive motions, the tendons swell and press against the securing band of tissue. The major nerve becomes compressed and flattened, resulting in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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Safety Videos

Hand Safety: You Control It Safety Video

A hand injury occurs in the workplace every 32 seconds. Though they usually do not grab the headlines and are not fatal in nature, over 16 million individuals seek emergency care each year for hand injuries. Hands are often in the forefront of the specific task being performed and thus exposed to more risks. This program educates your employees on the different types of hand injuries that can occur, how to recognize common hazards found in the workplace and preventive measures to take to protect their hands. Safety is a personal responsibility. A hand injury can occur in a moment, but affect your for a lifetime. This program will motivate your workers to use best practices to prevent hand injuries.

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Hand And Power Tool Safety Safety Video

Explains electrical safety, impact tools, wrenches, cheater bars, and miscellaneous safety when using hand and power tools. Emphasizes safety behavior and attitude.

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Hand & Power Tool - Construction Safety Video

Most people have injured themselves with a tool at least once in their lives. In fact learning to use some tools seems to require a little pain. Unfortunately, tool accidents result in thousands of serious injuries and hundreds of deaths each year… most of which could have been avoided by simply handling tools safely. To avoid these types of accidents employees need to know how to handle their tools safely. But this can be a difficult task, since every tool has its own unique set of hazards.

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Online Courses

Hand and Pinch Point Safety

While on the job, using a tool improperly or not paying attention while working around heavy machinery can lead to damaging various parts of a worker’s hands. Because of the complexity of the hand, repairing the hand to its previous abilities may be difficult. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average of 140,000 hand injuries were reported in 2011 resulting in about 5 days away from work per injury. While most serious hand injuries occur as a result of physical trauma from machinery, other hand injuries can be caused by ergonomic hazards due to repetitive motion. While these injuries are less severe, they result in the most days away from work compared to other injuries. Learners who successfully complete this course will demonstrate knowledge of how to identify the types of hand hazards, methods of hand protection and types of gloves and their properties.

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Hand and Power Tool Safety

Tools are such a common part of our lives that it’s difficult to remember that they may pose potential hazards to our safety. This course will teach employees the importance of hand and power tool safety and how to achieve it. Employees who successfully complete this course should learn the common hazards of different types of hand and power tools, including electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and abrasive-wheel tools and how to minimize or eliminate those hazards. This course is intended for general industry employees who, as part of their regular work duties, are required to use or work around hand and power tools. This course can assist employers with meeting regulations outlined in OSHA’s regulations on hand and power tools.

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