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Head injuries can not only implicate a workers performance at their job, but in all areas for the rest of their life. It should be no surprise then that head protection is incredibly important. In fact, it could be the most important part of your safety training depending on your industry.

Head injuries can not only cause crippling disabilities, but fatalities as well. The brain is very vulnerable to severe blows or blood loss.

Head protection safety delves into two main topics: slips, trips and falls and PPE use.
Workers need to be made aware that even minor concussions can have impacts on quality of life down the line.

Use these resources to educate workers on the head safety hazards they face at their workplace, as well as ways to protect themselves. Additionally, teach them the implications that head injuries have and how serious even minor head injuries can be.

Meeting Kits

Heading Off Injuries

Hazards to your head exist in virtually all work settings. Falling objects such as materials and tools, falling down, collisions and contact with electrical current can cause head injuries.

In many workplaces, these hazards are so prevalent that personal protective equipment (PPE) is routinely used to prevent head injuries.

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Many Hazards Are Over Our Heads

Many of the hazards in the workplace are over our heads, so it is important to be aware of overhead dangers. Wear your head protection to prevent injury from falling objects and overhead obstructions.

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Excuses Won't Protect Your Head

When it comes to personal protective equipment, your hardhat is as vital as every other piece of PPE you wear. You wouldn’t decide to finish framing a house in bare feet because your safety boots were feeling heavy. Nor would you so easily discard your gloves if you were performing a job that required hand protection. Taking off your hardhat makes your head vulnerable to many life-altering injuries.

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Head Off the Blows

The hardhat is an essential piece of safety gear no construction worker should be without.

Not all hardhats are made equal, however. Some provide only minor protection, while others are designed to protect workers from falling objects and electric shocks as high as 20,000 volts.

Here’s an overview of the three classes of hardhats and things to consider when selecting the hardhat best suited to protect your most important asset—your brain.

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Wearing a Hardhat is Using Your Head!

Depending on the design and the material, the hard hat is made to protect against certain hazards. Some protect the head from limited voltage or high voltage, and others provide no protection whatsoever from electrical shock. Some also protect from sparks, heat and burns to the head. A hard hat can also give some protection against dusts in the air.

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