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Clutter causes casualties, it’s an unfortunate reality.

Maintaining a tidy workplace is one of the easiest ways to avoid accidents and incidents in the workplace.

A messy workplace can result in slips, trips and falls – the leading cause of workplace accidents in North America. Simply being a tidy worker and taking an extra moment to place equipment away when finished with it could prevent thousands of accidents every year.

In the event of a natural disaster, having exits and hallways blocked because of poor housekeeping could be the difference between life and death.

SafetyNow can help you stress the importance of good housekeeping to workers. On the surface it might seem like a simple or obvious part of work, but workers might be surprised by the areas of housekeeping they’ve been neglecting.

Meeting Kits

Check Out Housekeeping

What does housekeeping have to do with safety? Lots! A clean and orderly workplace is essential to avoid falls, fires and many other kinds of accidents and injuries.

What’s The Danger

It is not a guarantee that all clean workplaces are safe, but it is safe to say that messy workplaces are unsafe. Clutter and disorder contribute to many workplace injuries and fatalities.

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How to Clean Up at Work

Workplace housekeeping has been an important part of job safety programs for many years. Whether you are working in a traditional factory or a 21st century work setting such as a wind energy tower, good housekeeping can be a life-saver.

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Housekeeping Counts

Housekeeping in the workplace helps keep you safe from falls, fires and many other hazards. And it isn’t always just up to the cleaning and maintenance crew either.

How does our workplace stack up against the following housekeeping standards?

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Good Housekeeping Reduces Accidents

How often at work have you heard the phrase “good housekeeping practices”? No, I am not referring to your ability to make a bed or wash dishes, but the area maintenance habits that you practice at work.

An office doesn’t normally strike people as being a dangerous place to work, but every year thousands of office workers in North America are injured in on-the-job accidents. Good housekeeping at work can perform magic to keep you safe from slips, trips, falls and fires.

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A Messy Workplace is Never Safe

Does your workplace deserve a good housekeeping seal of safety approval? Or are you and your co-workers doing little to clean up clutter and keep all necessary items in their proper place?

Whether it’s an office, warehouse, workshop or drilling site, there are serious reasons for not trying to function in a messy work environment.

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Safety Videos

Housekeeping Safety Video

An important aspect of safety is good housekeeping. The importance of good housekeeping is often overlooked. Proper housekeeping prevents injuries, fires and other safety hazards. This program emphasizes everyone’s cooperation and effort in keeping their workplace clean, orderly, and safe.

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Fire Prevention Safety Video

Few things can be more terrifying and catastrophic than a fire. That is why training and education is so important. This video looks at ways fires can be prevented and covers the basics of fire prevention, conditions that contribute to fires and steps employees can take to minimize the risk of a potential fire in a unit.

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Online Courses

Safe Housekeeping

Housekeeping is an important part of working in a retail environment. A cluttered, dirty store can have a negative impact on customer impressions of a store as well as employee morale. Injuries are also more common in stores that aren’t properly cleaned maintained. Having a neat and well-maintained store is important to keeping customers and employees safe. Workers who successfully complete this course should be able to identify ergonomic hazards, slip, trip and fall hazards and chemical hazards that are common in the retail industry. This course is specifically designed for workers in the retail industry and contains examples and scenarios relevant to the retail environment.

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