Lifting Safety and Back Injuries

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A back injury, even from a single incident, can cause damage to a worker for the rest of their life. Even minor back injuries can cause severe pain and discomfort, making almost any task feel like a giant hurdle.

Whether it becomes a nagging pain, or a deeper issue that has drastic effects on their ability to work, back injuries are no joke.

Learning proper learning techniques is important for workers in a variety of industries, regardless of how heavy the items they will be lifting are. One awkward twist while holding a box could be enough to cause a sprain or strain.

SafetyNow can help you to educate workers on proper lifting techniques so that they can avoid injuries and disabilities throughout their lifetime.

Meeting Kits

Watch Your Back

Other than the common cold, the most common reason for absence from work is back pain. It’s not only laborers who miss days because of back injuries; the problem occurs in all jobs and industries.

Back problems are simply part of being human. Our backs are fragile structures and we don’t always use them the way they are designed to be used. Bending at the waist to pick up something from the floor or slumping for hours in a chair are ways most of us abuse the muscles and connective tissues of the back. Back troubles are a normal part of aging and the result of a lifetime of stresses and strains.

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Give Back Pain The Old Heave-Ho

Back pain is the reason for more missed work days than any other single cause. This is an important fact for a custodian to know, because his or her job can involve a lot of lifting of supplies and equipment.

Back injuries can be prevented by using safer materials handling techniques and by maintaining good posture and good general health.

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Minor Back Abuse Can Add Up To Major Pain

The old saying about the straw that broke the camel’s back really means something when it comes to back injuries.

Often a minor incident or an insignificant move seems to set off a back injury. However, that back problem may have been a long time coming.

Years of stress and strain on the back can cause damage to build up without notice. Then one day you lift a small item, or turn to reach for something and suddenly you have a serious back pain.

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Protect Your Back And It Will Support You!

Back injuries can be very painful – and very expensive. They are a leading cause of lost time from work, and they cause a lot of suffering. It makes sense to do whatever you can to prevent injuries to your back. Back injuries can be caused in a number of ways. Lifting something which is too heavy, or lifting in the wrong way, can cause injury to the back. Poor posture, excess body weight, and poor physical condition can create back problems too. Also, the natural aging process seems to be responsible for development of back problems.

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Keep Your Back Strong!

A strong and healthy back is the foundation of a strong and healthy body. It is important to keep your back in good shape to prevent injuries and help you to do your work well.

Back injuries and chronic back problems can be painful and disabling. Injuries can occur suddenly when lifting, by accidents such as falls, and automobile accidents. Back injuries can also develop over time from bad posture, repetitive motions, excess body weight, inactivity and other factors.

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Safety Videos

Back Injury Prevention: Safe Lifting Techniques Safety Video

This video describes in detail how to lift objects safely. The variety of lifting tasks in industry require specific techniques to prevent painful and costly back injuries. This video also explains the anatomy of the back, the 10:1 lever principle and details proper safe lifting techniques.

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Back Safety: Proper Lifting Procedures Safety Video

Back injuries frequently occur in the workplace during lifting. The tips and techniques provided in this video will offer alternatives to lifting or carrying and will show the benefits of using helpful tools like dollies and carts to prevent back injuries. Viewers will learn the necessary step-by-step safety procedures to prepare the body for safe lifting as well as instruction on how to properly lift under any circumstances.

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Back Safety: Exercise And Ergonomics Safety Video

They say you never notice the parts of your body until they hurt. This video stresses the importance of back safety and discusses not only the risks involved in everyday body movement, but also the ways to prevent those risks from turning into debilitating injuries. The presentation stresses a proactive approach including proper health through exercise and ergonomics. Information is offered on how to properly move through each day without adding undue strain and stress on the body. Viewers will be shown a range of basic stretches as well as other methods and tips for safe and healthy move.

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Online Courses

Back Injury Prevention

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) estimates that back injuries make up nearly twenty percent of all workplace injuries and costs the nation an estimated twenty to fifty billion dollars a year. Learners who complete this course will demonstrate knowledge of the major causes of workplace back injuries and how to prevent them. Employees will learn about hazards and the three major types of hazard controls. This course provides ergonomic information to help employers comply with OSHA’s General Duty Clause. This course is intended for general industry employees who, during their regular work duties, are required to lift and carry materials. This course is presented in English and Spanish.

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Safe Lifting

Back injuries are one of the most common workplace injuries. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, or NIOSH, estimates back injuries make up almost twenty percent of all workplace injuries and costs as much as fifty billion dollars a year. This course is designed to give supermarket employees the knowledge and skills they need to avoid back injuries while lifting and moving products and equipment on the job. When this course is over, the learner should be able to identify the causes and consequences of back injuries, as well as proper lifting technique. This course is designed for supermarket workers and contains scenarios and examples unique to that setting. This course is presented in English and Spanish.

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