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While an office is a pretty safe environment, it does have its own unique set of hazards associated with it.

Slips, trips and falls can happen when poor housekeeping is a factor. Leaving boxes or wires strewn across the floor can lead to injuries.

Workers can injure themselves lifting heavy object and develop musculoskeletal issues from being sedentary.

Carpal Tunnel, a condition frequently caused by ergonomics issues, affects over 8-million Americans. Basic ergonomic fixes could significantly reduce this number.

Additional ergonomics issues could lead to back pain, eye strain and other injuries.

Another unfortunate reality for office workers is the possibility of an active shooter entering the workplace. Turn to the news and you’ll find plenty of examples of times office workers were killed while on shift because of a shooter entering the building. Learning how to react in these situations, and how to report concerns about fellow workers can help prevent these fatalities.

SafetyNow’s resources help you teach workers that even when indoors, a host of hazards can still present themselves and the best way to stay safe is to be prepared.

Meeting Kits

Pedestrian Safety in Workplace Traffic

We give children plenty of advice about pedestrian safety. We tell them to cross only at designated crosswalks and to look both ways before crossing the street. But some adults seem to forget these safety basics in the workplace.

And yet workplace traffic can be every bit as dangerous as that found on the city streets. In a collision between a 2000-pound industrial vehicle and a 200-pound person, the pedestrian is very likely to come out the loser.

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How to Reduce Your Risk of Ergonomic Injuries

One size does not fit all when it comes to work equipment. Whenever a worker has to modify or adjust himself to perform a work task, the “mis”fit causes stress and strain on the body.

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Offices Look Too Safe

Compared to the molten metal and massive machines found in workplaces, office hazards seem pretty tame. However, each year an estimated 40,000 people receive disabling injuries from office incidents. In addition, there are many more cases of bad backs, skin rashes and bruises that go unreported.

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Office Safety Checklist

The office environment has relatively few hazardous chemicals and no heavy or moving machinery. However, like their production counterparts, office employees should know what to do in case of an emergency, be provided with a safe and efficient work station, and have periodic safety training.

To recognize potential problems and implement solutions, consider the following suggestions.

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Report Defective Furniture

Little things can add up to make your work day a safer day. Big disasters are usually an accumulation of small problems which were ignored. A loose chair leg, a bolt missing from your desk or a cracked runner for a desk drawer can become serious problems, leading to injuries. Here are some situations to watch out for.

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Safety Videos

Office Safety Basics Video

Designed to raise awareness of safety hazards in an office environment, this video focuses on the most common hazards found in an office. Video discusses basic ergonomics, ladders, office equipment, slips and falls, safe lifting, fire prevention, and more.

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Online Courses

Emergency Action Plans for Office Employees

Emergency events can happen any place, any time. Many facilities are required to have a written emergency action plan, and must train employees over that plan. These plans, however, can often be long and detailed, covering many different types of emergencies, which can make it difficult for employees to understand the context of various policies and procedures, and how their individual role fits into the larger plan. This awareness-level course will provide a general overview of emergency action plans and standard actions for employees to take during different types of emergencies. The course includes information about different types of alarm signals, common features of an emergency evacuation, and the proper circumstances and methods for using a portable fire extinguisher. This course is designed for all office workers. While this course addressed OSHA training requirements, there may be a site-specific training component required that must be fulfilled by an employer. This course is presented in English and Spanish.

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Office Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the process of reducing worker injury through effective workplace design, such as decreasing the amount of bending or reaching for items, or using equipment to reduce the strain on the human body. This course will teach employees how to implement ergonomic principles in office settings in order to minimize or eliminate potential hazards. Employees will learn to identify and prevent ergonomic risk factors at office workstations, and differentiate between the correct and incorrect methods to lift safely. This course is intended for all office employees, and it will help employers comply with ergonomic requirements under OSHA’s General Duty Clause.

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