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The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 not only claimed the lives of countless animals, but 11 humans as well – confirming the dangers associated with work in the oil industry. BP was fined $18.7 billion for the incident, the largest corporate settlement in U.S. history.

Oilfield workers are no better off, with plenty of hazard present in their daily work. However, like all jobs, following the proper safety protocol can make oilfield work as safe as possible.

SafetyNow’s resources help you train workers on the hazards associated with oilfield work. These include: gas leaks, oil spills, lifting, fires, drug and alcohol use, machinery hazards, and much more. Be sure to let workers know the hazards associated not only with their own position, but the positions of those who will be working around them.

Meeting Kits

Falls Through Openings

Two workers pick up a piece of plywood, one worker at each end, as they are cleaning up a construction site. As they move the wood, one worker falls through the hole it was covering, breaking both arms and suffering head, back and internal injuries.

Fire breaks out in a food processing plant that’s no longer operating. Blinded by the smoke, a firefighter steps into an unguarded pit once used for loading. His back injury results in permanent disability.

Electrical workers were making repairs in a crawl space below a storage room. Expecting to be gone just a short time, they left a floor panel open. An office worker walked into the storage room and fell into the hole, suffering fractures and bruises.

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Gain Control of New Equipment

Every now and then we all come face-to-face with a new piece of equipment at work, something slightly different from what we were trained on. This new equipment might range from a new computer in the office to an entire line of processing equipment, or it might simply be that you are about to drive a different vehicle. The areas for potential problems will always vary significantly with the equipment involved, but usually a few basic rules apply.

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No Room for Pranks, Rough Play

We’re all grownups around here, right? Everyone has a job to do and every job is taken seriously, if you want to keep it. There’s room for humor, but nobody ever gets hurt, physically or emotionally.


Well, in a perfect world the jokes would always be harmless, and everyone would get along just fine. In our world, however, boys will still be boys and men will sometimes act like boys. Women aren’t beyond reverting to childish behavior, either.

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Everyone's a Safety Inspector

Unless you go looking for safety hazards, they can lurk out of sight and out of mind until something serious happens. The best way to find these hidden hazards is to assign as many people as possible to look for them. That’s why safety inspection is part of your job — no matter what job you do.

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Here’s What Works on a Fire

As with any piece of equipment, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use fire extinguishers. They’re designed for a specific purpose and they need to be properly maintained.

If not, the results can be deadly — and not necessarily because of flames and smoke. Several years ago a rig employee on a fire watch was killed when he attempted to use a handheld cartridge-type extinguisher on a small smoldering fire. When the internal carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinder was opened to energize the extinguisher, part of its bottom cracked open, striking the man in the chest.

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Online Courses

Back Injury Prevention for Oil and Gas Workers

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) estimates that back injuries make up nearly twenty percent of all workplace injuries and costs the nation an estimated twenty to fifty billion dollars a year. Learners who complete this course will demonstrate knowledge of the major causes of workplace back injuries and how to prevent them. Employees will learn about hazards and the three major types of hazard controls. This course provides ergonomic information to help employers comply with OSHA’s General Duty Clause. This course is intended for oil and gas industry employees who, during their regular work duties, are required to lift and carry materials.

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Basic First Aid for Oil and Gas Personnel

Emergencies can happen any time in the oil and gas industry. On any given day, there could be a situation that arises at work where a coworker is injured and needs immediate medical help. When this happens, it is essential that employees know how to respond appropriately, render aid, and obtain higher levels of care. This course will teach employees the basics of first aid procedures and how to apply them to real-world scenarios. Employees will learn their legal responsibilities as a first aid provider, how to identify different types of medical emergencies and the proper steps to take, and how to react in specific environmental conditions like extreme heat and cold. This awareness-level course is intended for oil and gas employees who, during the course of their usual work routine, may be required to provide basic medical aid to co-workers or others. While this course addresses OSHA training requirements, there may be a site-specific training component required that must be fulfilled by an employer.

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