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The safety manager isn’t the only person who should be enforcing safety in the workplace. Workers of all levels can take on a safety leadership role and influence their peers.

Since managers and supervisors can’t see everything, encouraging workers to monitor themselves and their peers can be an efficient way to keep safety at the top of everyone’s mind.

In the event of a manager having a sick day or quitting unexpectedly, having workers monitoring their own safety also helps the workplace continue to run smoothly during brief management absences.

Use SafetyNow’s resources to show workers why managers and supervisors can’t be the only ones responsible for safety. Safety really does need to be worked on by every person in the organization – both at work and at home.

Meeting Kits

The Environment and Your Health and Safety

There is a link between protecting the environment and protecting your own well-being and safety. What is good for the natural environment is usually good for you too.

That is one of the reasons why safeguarding the environment is part of your job responsibility.

In an office, this means using a minimal amount of resources such as paper and electrical energy. At a jobsite, this can mean safely disposing of hazardous substances, and reusing and recycling certain materials.

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Be a Safety Leader

Injuries result when a worker fails to take responsibility for safety – by ignoring safety procedures or consuming drugs or alcohol at work, for example. You could suffer burns, broken bones, electrocution, crushing, chemical injuries, concussion or other injuries if you don’t take safety precautions.

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Health and Safety Committee

When you’re concerned about unsafe situations, you can turn to health and safety committee members. In order to make needed policies, they learn about hazardous conditions and practices – through reports, inspections, reviews of injury and illness case studies and incidents such as fires or acts of violence against workers.

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Learn to Think S.A.F.E.

Learn to use the S.A.F.E. approach to assess possible hazards in the workplace.  This approach can be used in the workspace, and, adapted to everyday life.

No matter what job you are doing, safety is a thought process. So think S.A.F.E., which stands for See, Assess, Fix, and Evaluate.  Taking a few moments to think through your task can save a lifetime of pain and regret.

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Don't Get Shocked Doing it Your Way

Jim enjoyed startup assignments because he was independent by nature, and the nature of the work let him do it his way most of the time. Jim was not fond of the rules the company made him follow and felt that some of the imposed job standards just “got in the way” and slowed him down. Jim knew the company’s lockout/tagout procedure and paperwork would take him at least 20 minutes, so he did what he always did when nobody was looking: he did it ‘his way’.

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Safety Videos

An Extra Effort For Safety Sake: Safety Behavior Safety Video

If safety is so important, why do accidents and injuries continue to occur? Government statistics estimate 5.7 million workplace injuries and illnesses occur annually with associated costs over $170 billion. This video addresses a complex issue with a light touch and an important message. Everyone is responsible and accountable for safety. Whether a new employee, 20-year veteran, or plant manager, this program is ideal for everyone at your site. An Extra Effort for Safety Sake addresses the importance of safety, the financial and emotional impact accidents and injuries can have, why safety needs to be a part of every task performed, and best practices to prevent incidents from occurring at your site. Filmed in multiple locations, this program will have a positive and lasting impact on your safety culture and motivate all employees to incorporate safety into every task they perform to help create an accident free work environment.

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PPE: It's Your Call Safety Video

This video addresses the most important part of Personal Protective Equipment: The responsibility of the individual to wear the equipment when it’s required. All the procedures and equipment in the world are useless if employees do not understand this one simple fact.

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Online Courses

Leadership Skills for Managers

Managers are expected to do things that sometimes seem impossible. They’re expected to solve their boss’s problems, their employee’s problems and solve their own problems and make it all happen while meeting deadlines and customer demands. This online training course will help employees identify effective communication skills and effective planning and organizing skills. Employees who successfully complete this course should also be able to identify concepts and methods of principled leadership and administrative excellence, concepts and strategies of change management, concepts and strategies of conflict resolution, performance management and customer service. This course is intended for managers of all levels, in all industries.

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Household Chemical Safety

Chemicals are a useful part of most peoples’ lives. These can include outdoor chemicals like gasoline and lawn fertilizer or indoor chemicals like oven cleaner and floor polish, among many, many others. At the same time, even the most innocuous household chemicals can be dangerous in certain situations. Handling and storing chemicals safely without ingesting them is a simple way to stay safe. Learners who complete this course will receive information detailing common household chemical hazards and their related safe handling and storage recommendations.

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