Shiftwork Safety

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Shiftwork is difficult. In fact, one-fifth of workers who attempt shiftwork simply can’t cope.

Shiftwork is a job outside of the usual Monday to Friday daytime working hours. Night shifts, split shifts, on-call work, rotating shifts and extended hours are some of the types of shifts.

The toughest schedules are night shifts are rotating shifts which move to successively earlier shifts. Rotating to later shifts (day to evening to night and back to day shift) is not as difficult.

Main concerns with shift workers is getting the correct amount of sleep. Lack of sleep can have a negative impact on cognitive function and make workers more susceptible to accidents and incidents.

Falling asleep on the job for even a few seconds can be enough to create a serious accident, and many night-shift workers report falling asleep on the job briefly at least once a week.

SafetyNow resources help you teach shift workers to be aware of the hazards their abnormal schedule creates, and educate managers and supervisors on the symptoms of fatigue and burnout to look for in workers.

Meeting Kits

Shifting Into Night Shift Safely

In many industries, falling asleep on the job for even 30 seconds can cause a serious mistake. Yet studies show that 30 to 50% of night shift workers report falling asleep at least once a week while on the job. Sleep issues affect truck and bus drivers, airline pilots, factory workers, police, emergency workers, healthcare providers, hotel employees and anyone else on night or changing shifts.

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Shifting To Nights

Working safely can be more of a challenge for night cleaning staff than those on day shift. Safety and health problems have been linked to shiftwork, partly because of the difficulty of sleeping in the daytime and staying awake at night.

Shiftworkers often don’t get enough sleep, because changing your sleep/wake schedule disturbs what is called your body’s clock. When you’re tired you are more likely to get careless with machinery or procedures or miss warning signals. Fatigue also impairs judgment and may lead to taking risks. When you aren’t paying attention is when you get hurt or you make the workplace less safe for someone else.

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Shiftwork Coping Strategies

People who work shifts can suffer from lack of sleep, physical and mental fatigue, problems with digestion, stress, and a sense of isolation from their family and friends. There is also concern about the possibility of increased accidents among shiftworkers.

With shiftwork, the body’s natural rhythms of sleep and wakefulness, digestion and other functions are disturbed. The shiftworker always seems to be working or sleeping when the rest of the world is taking part in family, social or community activities.

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Shiftwork Strategies

Some people thrive on shiftwork. They may be night owls, or they may like the opportunity it provides for educational, child care arrangements, hobbies or recreation.

The majority of us, however, have some difficulty working shifts outside of the regular daytime hours. These shifts include the afternoon shift which ends late in the evening, or the night shift which runs through the early morning hours. Two other types of shiftwork are the extended work day and the split shift which divides the hours into more than one time period within 24 hours.

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Are You Alert Through Your Shift?

There is such a thing as being too comfortable for your own good.

Here’s an example: You are monitoring a critical control panel. You lean back in the cushioned chair. The room is warm and the radio is playing easy listening music. It would be so easy to doze off. In a situation like this, you need to sit up straight and adjust the environment to help you stay awake and alert.

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Safety Videos

Security Awareness - Management Training Safety Video

Different properties face varying degrees and different types of threats. In today’s environment, we need to understand that we all need to be ready…all of the time. Regardless of the threat, you need to respond effectively and appropriately with as little disruption to guests as possible. It’s not always easy but it’s a job that must be done and it must be done right. This video is a great way to train management on what threat levels are and what action must be taken to minimize risk regardless of the threat level.

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Online Courses

Fatigue Management for Control Room Employees

Shift work and non-standard hours can be tough on workers. Aside from making it difficult to get enough sleep, the added fatigue increases the chances of an accident at work. Learners who successfully complete this course will be able to identify the impact that shift length and scheduling rotations play in fatigue management, identify fatigue management strategies, and identify off-duty activities that can lead to fatigue in the workplace. This course is intended for all employees who may do shift work and need to learn fatigue management strategies, and is intended to assist the employer in meeting the PHMSA’s General Standard for Control Room Management.

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Basic First Aid

Emergencies can happen any time, any place. This course will teach employees the basics of first aid procedures and how to apply them to real-world scenarios. Employees will learn how to identify the steps for conducting basic first aid. They will also learn how to recognize the symptoms and procedures for common first aid situations. This course is presented in English and Spanish.

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