Transportation Safety

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Transportation comes in many forms, and poses many potential hazards to workers. Whether it be by vehicle, boat, plane, or even scaffold, every time a worker is being transported on the job there are dangers to consider.

Workers who are driving to work, or for work, need to be made aware of company driving policies and the laws and regulations in their area. Seasonal hazards may also come into play and workers should be trained to expect these.

Workers who travel or work on boats will need to know water safety, as well as first aid in the event of an emergency happening far from shore.

Workers in planes will need to know evacuation procedures and, again, first aid.

Workers who are being transported by machines like scaffolds will need to be taught about fall protection and the importance of wearing the correct PPE.

SafetyNow helps you train workers on the transportation hazards they might face in their work environment.

Meeting Kits

Pedestrian Safety in Workplace Traffic

We give children plenty of advice about pedestrian safety. We tell them to cross only at designated crosswalks and to look both ways before crossing the street. But some adults seem to forget these safety basics in the workplace.

And yet workplace traffic can be every bit as dangerous as that found on the city streets. In a collision between a 2000-pound industrial vehicle and a 200-pound person, the pedestrian is very likely to come out the loser.

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You Can Help Make Highway Work Zones Safer

A highway work zone is a designated area on a street or highway where construction is taking place. It can be recognized by distinctive orange and black signs, as well as lighted barricades, flaggers and other means of signaling. It’s a maze of activity that often causes confusion and dangerous driving responses.

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Belt Yourself for Safety

Here’s a true story of a worker who learned the value of wearing his seatbelt:

This worker was delivering packages in a city late at night and decided to use the freeway. Just as he pulled onto the freeway to head out of town, he noticed headlights coming directly at him. He attempted to avoid the oncoming car, but failed as it hit his car head-on. The other car’s unbelted driver was thrown through both windshields and died in the belted worker’s back seat. The belted worker only suffered bruises where the seatbelt had tightened across his chest.

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Driving Safely in Reverse

Don’t go backward if you can go forward. That’s good advice about life—and about driving.

Operating a vehicle in reverse puts you at a disadvantage. It’s difficult to see all the obstacles in your way. And because the driver’s seating and the controls are designed primarily for forward travel, it’s hard to respond quickly enough to changing traffic situations. According to the National Safety Council, one in four motor vehicle accidents can be attributed to poor backing techniques.

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Drive Away the Winter

Winter driving is hazardous at the best of times, but slippery roads and reduced traction can make it deadly. With winter storms bearing down on you, it’s definitely time to think about preparing for winter driving. In this Safety Talk, we’ll learn about common winter driving hazards, how to ensure a vehicle is ready for cold weather, and tips for driving on icy roads.

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Safety Videos

Securing Loads Safely Safety Video

This program helps employees comply with DOT regulations relating to securing loads on tractor trailers. Topics include: different types of trucks and associated loading requirements, load securement procedures, number of straps needed for different loads, working load limits and other related safety information.

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Texting and Driving - The Facts

Remind workers about the dangers of texting and driving with this safety video featuring personal stories and interviews from drivers that have experienced first-hand the fall-out from texting and driving.

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A Knock at the Door

This short yet powerful video recounts the tragic true story of 20-year-old Phil Cummings, who was killed by an alcohol-impaired driver. The story, as told by Phil’s father, presents a compelling reminder about the dangers of drinking and driving. It also reinforces the message that driving brings with it a great deal of responsibility. This program is a must-see for all employees!

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Online Courses

Hazardous Driving Conditions

Driving can be dangerous any time, but hazardous road and weather conditions can greatly increase the chances of accidents. Statistically, driving accidents occur at highly elevated rates during hazardous weather conditions, such as snow, sleet, ice, rain and fog. Learners who successfully complete this course should be able to identify hazardous driving conditions and methods for eliminating, minimizing or avoiding those hazards. This course is meant for employees who, as part of their regular job duties, are required to operate a motor vehicle on public roads. Employers may also be interested in these related courses: Basic Driver Safety, Distracted Driver, Road Rage, Hazards of Speeding, and Delivery Driver Safety.

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Distracted Driver

Most people understand that distracted driving is a bad thing, but nearly everyone does it in some form or another. Almost 20% of vehicle crashes occur as a result of a distracted driver. Learners that successfully complete this course will be able to identify the common causes of hazardous driver distractions and methods for minimizing or eliminating them. This course is intended for employees who, as part of their regular work duties, are required to operate a motor vehicle on public roads. Employers may also be interested in these related courses: Basic Driver Safety, Road Rage, Hazards of Speeding, Delivery Driver Safety, and Hazardous Driving Conditions.

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