Workplace Stress

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Stress – everyone has it. It is a natural part of life, but too much stress can cause health problems and affect your ability to work safely.

Stress occurs when we are faced with situations that cause fear, meaning that is affects workers of all levels, in all industry types.

Stressed out workers can suffer from physical symptoms, taking away from their ability to focus on work and safety. A stressed worker might make errors in their tasks, and some of these could have bad consequences.

Long-term stress has been linked to ailments such as heart disease, cancer and ulcers.

Use these resources to educate workers on the impact stress can have in their life. As well, use them to educate managers on ways to identify stress and ways to minimize it (like implementing wellness programs).

Meeting Kits

Control Stress to Work Safely

Physical symptoms of excessive stress can include headaches, digestive upsets, muscle tension, sweating, shaking, heart irregularities, fatigue and other discomforts.

Emotional and mental symptoms can include nervousness, depression, confusion, inability to concentrate, mood swings and anger.

Long-term stress has been linked to ailments such as heart disease, cancer and ulcers.

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Don't Let Stress Put You In A Mess!

The project you are working on is overdue and the boss is starting to ask questions. You are having trouble catching on to the latest computer program you are supposed to be learning. Your child’s school just called for a parent-teacher interview and it sounds like there’s trouble. You are worried about how you will pay next month’s rent. Your head aches, your stomach hurts, and your hand is shaking so hard it’s difficult to hold a cup of coffee. Have you ever felt overwhelmed like this?

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Learn To Shield Yourself From The Effects Of Stress

Everyone experiences stress – it’s a natural part of life.

Stress is your physical, emotional and mental response to changes, challenges and circumstances. The daily work pressures and family demands in our fast-paced society create stress. So do situations such as ill health in yourself or a loved one, financial difficulties and even happy events such as a job promotion.

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Put Stress In Its Place

Stress doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A certain amount of stress is necessary to motivate us to do things for ourselves, our families and our jobs.

We all handle stress differently. One person may thrive on pressure that another person would find too much. Each needs to find the optimum level of stress for himself and try to maintain that balance.

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Living With Stress

Any kind of work can be stressful, and the career of a custodian is no exception. Working nights, changing to new job sites, working in areas which are either too isolated or crawling with people — all can put your nerves on edge. Besides work factors, many of us are also packing around a load of stress from our lives away from work.

Small amounts of stress can energize and alert you to what needs to be changed. Stress is the way you react to demands in your life. Excessive stress, however, can have a bad impact on your health, your ability to work safely and your enjoyment of life.

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Online Courses

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Conflict is part of human nature. We all see things at least a bit differently from each other, and when we care a lot about those things, we’re often willing to argue, or even fight, for what we believe. Learners who successfully complete this course will demonstrate knowledge of how to dispute causes, potential dispute consequences, general types of conflict resolution programs, Thomas-Kilmann categories of conflict coping strategies, common bargaining styles and their benefits, and methods for practicing negotiation and mediation in the workplace. This course is designed to help managers, supervisors and HR professionals create conflict resolution strategies for their workplace.

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Violence in the Workplace

Workplace violence can unexpectedly occur in any workplace setting. It is estimated that almost 2 million Americans are victims of some form of workplace violence each year. Most instances of workplace violence do not end in homicide. Unfortunately, workplace violence is a real, significant threat to workers health and safety. This course will teach employees the major causes and types of workplace violence, their warning signs and how to prevent it. Employees will learn to define workplace violence, the different types and sources, and the methods used to prevent workplace violence according to OSHA recommendations and other sources. This course is intended for employees in all industries.

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