Workplace Violence

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The common belief used to be that some industries were more vulnerable to workplace violence than others. However, recent news events over the past several years have shown that all workplaces and industries are susceptible to workplace violence.

Managers should use these resources to learn how to recognize stressed and angry workers, keeping in mind warning signs that a worker might be facing some difficult emotions.

Workers should be taught how to deal with violent and angry co-workers, as well as escape routes available in the event of a shooter entering the workplace or the quick need to escape an enraged co-worker.

The most important thing to teach workers is to report any signs of violence they observe from their co-workers to management. This could help minimize injuries in the future.

Meeting Kits

Family Violence

Family violence is physical, emotional/mental, sexual or financial abuse inflicted by one family member against another. The kind of family violence that most often spills over into the workplace is that between intimate partners such as husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or same-sex partners.

Who is involved in family violence? It can be anyone, regardless of job, social or economic status, gender, religion, race or culture.

Job loss, alcohol or drug use and other stressors can contribute to family abuse, but do not directly cause them.

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Reporting the Bad With the Good

Failing to report violence and security threats in your workplace doesn’t do anyone much good. Unless your company and your co-workers know about potential problems, they can’t do anything to make your job safer.

Your company likely has a zero-tolerance policy on violence. This means no verbal or non-verbal threats or any other form of intimidation or assault.

So why would you hesitate to report an incident or potential violence?

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Guard Against Violence on the Job

The potential for violent crime is present in just about any job.

There is a serious hazard on the job which we sometimes overlook – violence at the hands of our fellow human beings.

Violent crime is an unfortunate fact of life today, and it does occur in the workplace. It is important for everyone to understand some basic guidelines for protecting our personal security. This applies whether it is at work, traveling to and from work or going about our activities off-the-job.

The risk of violence in some work situations is widely known – jobs such as law enforcement officer, cab driver and liquor store clerk. But the possibility of occupational violent crime is significant for many other workers, such as health care staff, transit and delivery drivers, night shift workers, traveling sales personnel, maintenance staff who work in isolation and many others.

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Workplace Violence Can Be A Killer

Homicide is a leading cause of occupational-injury deaths in the United States, after motor vehicle and machine-related accidents. According to a recent study, 9,900 people died as a result of work-related injuries. An astonishing 13% were homicide victims. That translates into approximately 1,300 employees who were murdered at work.

Another interesting fact from the study indicates the peak time for on-the-job homicides was from 4 p.m. to midnight. Gunshot wounds were the major cause of the homicides. The killers included customers, patients, inmates, co-workers, spouses and robbers.

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Violence Nine To Five

The possibility of violence at work should be taken seriously, no matter what kind of work you do. While certain occupations put a person at a much higher risk – driving a taxi, or working on the late shift for instance – violence can happen in any setting.

Most violent workplace incidents involve a fistfight or an assault, according to one study in the United States.

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Safety Videos

Violence in the Workplace Safety Video

This video focuses on the trend in deaths occurring in the workplace. More people are being killed by violence at work than actual on-the-job injuries. This video explains this problem and how to protect employees.

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Online Courses

Customer Violence in the Retail Environment

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates nearly 2 million workers are involved in a violent incident at work in any given year. These incidents can range anywhere from verbal abuse to life-threatening physical attacks. This course is designed to help employees understand how to identify and respond to the types of violence they might encounter on the job. After successfully completing this course, the learner should know how to identify and properly handle shoplifters, robbers, abusive customers, and other workplace violence risks. This course is designed for all retail and grocery employees and features examples and scenarios unique to the retail environment.

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Violence in the Workplace

Workplace violence can unexpectedly occur in any workplace setting. It is estimated that almost 2 million Americans are victims of some form of workplace violence each year. Most instances of workplace violence do not end in homicide. Unfortunately, workplace violence is a real, significant threat to workers health and safety. This course will teach employees the major causes and types of workplace violence, their warning signs and how to prevent it. Employees will learn to define workplace violence, the different types and sources, and the methods used to prevent workplace violence according to OSHA recommendations and other sources. This course is intended for employees in all industries.

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